LeadSoaps is a fresh, nice fragrance scent and well packaged Nigerian liquid soap production supply as a service product that is particularly served to Enterprises and Households. All enterprises or households needs to do is to focus on other their core activities while we provide their liquid soaps monthly. These liquid soaps ranges from liquid soap for dish washes, liquid soap for cars (all vehicles) washes, liquid soaps for toiletries and liquid soap for special washes.

Enterprises or households willing to make use of this product subscribes monthly for as low as NGN 5,000.00 or NGN 50,000.00 annually. This subscription comes in a LeadBox packaging consisting of 5 litres of liquid soap which can be used for washing the dishes and vehicles, 1 litre each of izal and jik for your toiletries.  We deliver this product to you for FREE, all you need to do is to call our phones (081-4478-2002) tell us your exact address of where you want us to deliver to you.

Platforms making use of liquid soap are as follows;

a. Hospitals

b. Households

c. Offices

d. Churches

e. Canteens

f. Schools

g. Kitchens

YOU can be the next platform to start making use of our subscription based liquid soap product. We care about your clean dishes, vehicles and toiletries.